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Limit of liability 

By submitting any film prints, slides, artwork, digital files and media or any similar material to L.A. Cameras Inc. for processing, printing, or other handling, you agree to accept, in the event such materials are damaged or lost, an equivalent amount of unexposed film and its processing, or in the case of digital images you will be compensated by the product we sell in our store.


In the case of digital prints they will be replaced by the value of our print prices only if they are not retrievable by any other means. This is your exclusive and only remedy from and as the Limit of Liability of L.A. Cameras and any other person(s) or entity involved in processing, and handling, or in performing other work with respect to such materials even though such damage or loss may be caused by mechanical failure, negligence or other fault.


Except for replacement or otherwise stated of such material by L.A. Cameras Inc. and any other person(s) or entity connected there with is without either warranty or liability including liability for incidental or consequent damages.


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